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Update: Dr. Pope is only accepting new clients on a limited basis. Consults cannot be guaranteed at this time. 

Returning Patients

The button below can be used to book an appointment for existing patients. 


Please Note: Before submitting a consultation request:

  • Please review our website and services to ensure you are interested and understand our philosophy and approach to patient care. 
  • Those interested in a consultation must complete the below questionnaire to assist in expediting patients who we are confident we are best suited to treat. Calls to our office will be responded to via text with instructions on how to fill out the online form. Submitting an online request is the only way to schedule a consultation. The client coordinator will go over in detail our services and answer your questions before scheduling your appointment.
  • We are not a conventional veterinary office and do not offer traditional veterinary care, including routine chemotherapy, as we specialize in holistic and integrative care.
  • We strongly urge all oncology patients to seek out conventional opinions before consulting with our office.
  • Oncology patients who have not yet consulted with a conventional oncologist can now schedule virtual appointments with our colleague, Dr. MaloneyHuss. Please click here to schedule an appointment with her office. 
  • Clients may now request appointments with our integrative veterinarians, Dr. Pope, and Dr. Marino.  Clients may also request appointments for chiropractic care with Dr. Shaw, or appointments for massage therapy with Heather Wallace.
  • Once submitted, consultation requests may take 2-3 business days for review. Those that we feel would be best treated by other practitioners will be provided with referral information to assist in finding those services.
  • Clients with sick or unwell pets should not wait for a response, as we do not offer emergency services and are unable to provide consultations ahead of the available appointment times. Please go to the ‘Trusted Colleagues’ section on our Resources page for referral information or additional treatment options.
  • All exotic patients must have a relationship with an exotic primary care veterinarian before scheduling an appointment with our practice. 
  • Please note that when a consultation is scheduled, typical wait times are 4-6 weeks depending on the type of appointment requested.
  • Initial consultations are 60-90 minutes in length and cost $400-$600 depending on complexity, which does not include the cost of diet plans, supplements, or ancillary therapies. Acupuncture Only appointments are $180, and Initial Chiropractic Exams with treatment are $135. 
  • We are not a traditional veterinary practice. The intake protocol, required forms, and comprehensive scheduling process will differ from what you are used to with other veterinary practices, including requiring a deposit at the time of scheduling.
  • We do not offer conventional oncology services. If you are looking for chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy, please refer to these websites to find the appropriate specialist for your pet.
  • Integrative medicine is not a quick fix and requires a significant amount of time, energy, and finances to be most effective. Natural therapies take longer and build on one another; therefore, many patients are utilizing multiple therapies at one time.
  • We are not miracle workers, and last-ditch efforts are not successful in our hands. Putting together a comprehensive integrative protocol, which will often take weeks to months to implement, and be utilized over the totality of your pet’s life is what we specialize in.
  • We are not the best fit for every client or every pet and want all of you to get exactly what you are looking for! Please refer to these websites to find other trusted colleagues if any of the above statements are not aligned with your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you!