About Dr. Laurie Coger:

Dr. Laurie Coger is a holistic veterinarian, author, trainer and breeder whose mission is “to guide owners down the natural dog care path, helping them to become educated and empowered advocates for their best friend’s health.” An honors graduate of Cornell University, with advanced training in nutrition, she received her DVM degree from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Her practice and dog care philosophy emphasize natural methods and the benefits of a raw, natural diet, and she regularly integrates chiropractic, low-level laser, herbal, nutritional and physical therapy techniques into her treatment plans.

A well-known media presence, Dr. Coger has been featured in USA Today, Dogs Naturally Magazine, Pet360, PetMD and numerous nationally known blogs and websites. She is the Staff Veterinarian at Canine Camp Getaway and is currently working on the second edition of her book, “Vaccines Explained: The Wholistic Vet’s Guide to Vaccinating Your Dog.”

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