Clinical Trials

Herbal Protocol for K9 Hemangiosarcoma

Traditional Chinese Herbal Protocol for the Treatment of Dogs with Stage II Splenic Hemangiosarcoma after Splenectomy

Why are we doing this study?

Canine splenic hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive disease fairly common to dogs. The current treatment recommendation includes surgery to remove the spleen, following by 5 doses of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, even with surgery and chemotherapy, survival times for these patients are generally less than 6 months. Additional treatment options are being investigated, especially for those clients that choose not to pursue chemotherapy. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of an entirely herbal protocol for the prevention of cancer spread after splenectomy. A previous study using the same protocol was investigated in 14 dogs. These dogs’ middle survival times were over 8 months with surgery and herbal protocol alone. We will be using an almost identical protocol in a larger group of patients and suspect similar outcomes.

How does my pet qualify?

If your dog has recently been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen with no evidence of metastasis (spread) to other locations within the body, then your pet may qualify for enrollment into this trial. Clients who choose to also pursue chemotherapy for their pet are unable to enroll in this study. Your pet must also have had chest x-rays and abdominal ultrasound within the past 20 days to qualify for enrollment.

What are the benefits?

Owners are responsible for the costs associated with surgery. The herbal protocol will be included as part of the clinical trial. If your pet responds to this protocol, they are allowed to stay on it as long as the protocol is preventing the spread of their disease.

Who should I contact?

Please contact our staff for more information. If you are not located within driving distance of Dr. Pope, there are 5 additional enrollment centers across the United States. If you are closer to the below hospitals, please call for additional information.