Clinical Studies


What are clinical studies?

Clinical studies are an important part of our practice, not only for our patients but also for the field of integrative veterinary medicine and oncology. Although many of the modalities practiced in our office are traditional therapies, with many years of history and use in clinical practice, evidence is often lacking in veterinary literature for these treatments to be recognized, accepted, and integrated into mainstream veterinary care. One of the missions of our practice is to promote the field of integrative veterinary medicine and one of the ways that we accomplish this is through clinical studies. We can bring new, exciting, and experimental treatments to our patients to continue utilizing all the tools in the toolbox for our patients now while changing the future for all the patients to come.

What clinical studies ARE NOT.

Your pet will never be enrolled in a clinical study without your knowledge or consent. Your pet will never be given a drug or substance that is considered unsafe without any associated or possible risks discussed fully with you first. Your pet will not be ‘experimented on’ or used as a laboratory animal. Any clinical studies performed in our office will be to provide the best possible treatment to our patients while promoting the field of integrative veterinary medicine for the future.

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